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SMON Realty Limited provides proprietary development services throughout Nigeria and our number one priority in every aspect of our business is the Safety and Security of our people, assets and the environment in which we operate.

We are fully committed to achieving an injury free work place and to conduct our business with respect to the local and global environment to achieve objectives of sustainable development.

What we believe:

  • Our people are our greatest assets
  • All incidents are preventable
  • All work should be done safely.

To achieve our commitments and believe, a robust SSHE Management System that outlines the main principles, accountabilities and drive for continuous improvement has been put in place. Key highlights are:

  • Proactive SSHE culture through visible leadership and commitment from management and employee involvement.
  • Meet or exceed compliance with all applicable SSHE laws and regulations, and international standards in all areas of our operations.
  • Ensure that all employees and contractors have been assessed and maintain the required level of job and SSHE competency prior to commencing any work.
  • Reinforce to all employees and contractors that they are responsible for, and authorized to intervene in any unsafe act.
  • Develop and maintain active plans for emergency and crisis management.
  • Prevent incident recurrence through an efficient incident management system.
  • Eliminate all incidents and injuries through hazard management and behavioural-based safety
  • Comply with the regulations, laws and other requirements of the countries in which we operate and adopt high standards where such laws do not exist.

We will continue to work to achieve and sustain consistent superior level of performance and actively implement initiatives that will help secure a sustainable future. The policy will be reviewed regularly to ensure it continues to meet our business requirements

About us

At Forte Standard Limited, we are committed to the future of our industry, building and maintaining relationships with our clients is the focal point of our business.


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